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Lucid Fantasy Gold Color Steel Bowknot Circles Chain Bracelet - Fashion Jewelry - Stainless Steel - 18k Gold Plating

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Color: Gold

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Introducing the Original Design Bowknot Circles Chain Bracelet, the perfect addition to your modern fashion collection. Made from exclusive gold color steel, this bracelet exudes elegance and sophistication. Elevate your style with this unique and stylish accessory. Indulge in upscale elegance and add a touch of refined glamour to your ensemble with the Original Design Bowknot Circles Chain Bracelet. Handcrafted from premium gold color steel, this timeless piece oozes sophistication and luxury. Enhance your wardrobe with this one-of-a-kind bracelet and revel in its exclusive appeal.

Metal: Stainless Steel

Plating: 18k Gold


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